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Connecting your XBOX 360 with your TV and HDTV

by on Aug.21, 2012, under Gaming, HDMI Accessories, HDMI Cables, TV, Video

With the right equipment, connecting your devices is as simple as plugging in a lamp to the wall. However, you may come across some hang-ups.

If you have an HDTV and an XBOX 360 with an HDMI port built in, this is ideal. All you will need is an HDMI chord that is compatible to your HDTV. Simply connect one end to the HDMI port in the XBOX 360, then the other end to the HDMI IN on your HDTV. Turn your XBOX 360 on and select the correct input on your HDTV. Everything should automatically calibrate for your optimal HDMI viewing experience.

Although you may have an HDTV, you might be in possession of an earlier model of the XBOX 360 that is not equipped with an HDMI port. You have a couple options. Option 1: You can find XBOX 360 HDMI Conversion Kits that will connect to the Audio/Video (A/V) port on the back of the XBOX 360, and has an HDMI port built into the device so you can then connect the HDMI chord to the TV just as before. While this option is simple, some question the quality and prefer another option. Option 2: What you will need is an A/V component cable for XBOX 360 with 2 attached cables: 1 for Standard Definition (red, yellow, and white cables) and 1 for High Definition video (green, blue, and red cables). If this cable has a HD/SD switch, make sure it is in the “HD” position. Connect the A/V plug to the A/V port on the back of the XBOX 360. Next, connect the green, blue, and red HD video cables to the back of the TV that should be labeled as COMPONENT IN. Next you will connect only the red and white SD cables for sound (the yellow cable is for video which we dont want) labeled A/V IN. Now turn on your XBOX 360 and once again, select the correct input on your HDTV. Now because you are using the A/V cables, the devices will need to manually be set up for optimal resolution. You can select the best resolution for you HDTV by visiting the setting on your XBOX 360. While this option may seem more complex, the quality is more reliable.

If you are connecting your XBOX 360 to a Standard Definition TV, weather you have an XBOX 360 with built in HDMI port or not, you will need to basically follow steps similar to option 2 above. You can use that same A/V component cable for XBOX 360 (make sure it’s switched to “SD”). Connect the A/V plug to the A/V port on the back of the XBOX 360. This time leave the HD cables alone and connect all 3 (red, white, and yellow) SD cables to the A/V IN on the TV. Just as before, turn your XBOX 360 on and select the correct input for your TV.

Connecting your devices can be confusing. Below is a video by MANIAC536 showing you how to connect an XBOX 360 to an HDTV with the A/V component cable.


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